Friday, July 5, 2019

3 Recent Seattle Events: Naturalization Ceremony, Pride Parade, and Fireworks

1.  The 5 hour Pride Parade made its way down 4th Avenue ending at Seattle Center on June 30th which was one of the highlights of Pride celebrations in Seattle to honor the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall.   There were 200 groups in this parade ranging from the LGBTQ organizations, banks, businesses, healthcare, civic associations, politicians, governments, to choreographed performers. Here is a link that describes most of those 200 groups:

Decorated Metro Bus

Cosplay Group

Seattle Pups and Handlers Group

R.O.T.C--Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps With Guns

With Flags

2.  At the 4th of July Naturalization Ceremony at the Seattle Center, I saw 500 people from 80 different countries sworn in as US Citizens.  It was quite a moving ceremony punctuated by a talk from a naturalized US Citizen from Croatia who described her difficult journey from a war torn country and the swearing in Judge that recounted how he was the first of his immigrant family to go to college and beyond and how his Dad at 75 year old decided to become a US Citizen in gratitude for all the US had provided to him and his family.

 Pledge of Allegiance from Children in Native Costumes

3. That evening, I watch the 4th of July fireworks at Lake Union. There were thousands of people all around Lake Union and hundreds of boats there to see these fireworks.

I enjoyed the music that went with the Fireworks