Friday, April 13, 2012

Arrived in Rio

I got in early in the morning and after getting cash from the ATMs on the third floor at the airport, I took the Real Bus to Botafogo which cost 12 BR. It was easy to find the hostel and the price was right at about 32 BR per night for the A/C dorm. Most of the travelers are Brazilians, and the rest are Europeans. After checking in, I went to a local cafe where I had the feijoada dish. It was huge, but very salty so this will be my classic order---not to be repeated.

I checked into the Vila Carioaca Hostel before lunch which was a short walk from where the Airport Shuttle dropped me off.

After lunch, I took the subway to the Ipanema beach where I walked all the way to the east and saw some great views of Sugar Loaf before it was shrouded in clouds.

Tomorrow I plan to visit all of the major tourist attractions including Sugar Loaf, Christo Redeemer.

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