Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Delightful Delat--7/2

My plan for the day is to just walk around the Xuan Huong Lake which is about 7 kms with a number of viewpoints and places to stop along the way.

After passing some energetic zumba dancers I came to a wedding couple that was enduring all of the photo set ups their camera crew had decided they just had to do.

After I rounded the top of the lake, I came to the Delat Flower Garden that was filled wiht Vietnamese tourists amid the flowers, topiary, and unusual sculptures.



I saw lots of Bonsai trees that my Dad would have envied for their age and beauty.

Here is a worker trimming the bonsai tree.

After that, I stopped for some iced coffee at a cafe that was along the lake as other tourists were doing.

For dinner I stopped at this restaurant near my hotel and had deer with fries and mixed fried vegetables with rice. It was a fabulous meal complete with some local Delat red wine.

Tomorrow it will be an all day bus ride down the mountains to Ho Chi Minh City, my last stop in Vietnam. I will be riding in a sleeper bus-----beds instead of seats---complete with WiFi to pass the 8 hour ride away. I will also be leaving this 70 degree weather for some more 100 plus humidity weather of HCMC. Frequent showers will become the norm before I head to Thailand on July 6th.


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