Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Loreto Kayak Tour October 20-24, 2014

After arriving in Loreto, BCS, MX, I signed up for a 5 day/4 night kayak tour around the Sea of Cortez. We would go around Danzante Island and spend two nights there and another two nights on Carmen Island. Our tour guide with Paddling South, Loreto Kayak Tours was Antonio Hernandez, Jr who was also a partner in the company. It turned out that I knew his father for several years as the manager of the Loreto Storage Company where I store my car when I am not in Loreto.

The night before our tour, we met at the Oasis Hotel. Although they could accommodate 7 tourists, only three had signed up for this trip. The other two were Gary and Heidi who I knew as my neighbors in Loreto Bay where I live in the winter time when I am not traveling elsewhere.

We carried our food and even a porta-pottie since you cannot bury your waste within the Marine Reserve.

All of the video and most of the photos were taken with my mini iPad and edited with iMovie.

We snorkeled at all of our lunch stops and campsites until our fingers looked like prunes. The water was clear and the fish and sea stars were colorful.

After setting up our Danzante Island campsite we paddled over to Honeymoon Cove and hiked up to the viewpoint.

Every evening was a different Mexican dinner ranging from tostados, tamales, chicken mole with rice, tacos, to fried chicken and refried beans. Breakfasts were equally tasty with tortillas filled with eggs and chiles, or refried beans with shredded chicken to granola, yogurt with papaya.

On the second day we repacked our kayaks and paddled over to Carmen Island for two days.

Not only did we see this pod of dolphins right in front of us, but we also saw a big fin whale, second in size to blue whales that roam the Sea of Cortez.

The light colored gash you see on the far right of the Baja is the newly finished Mirador which use to be the site of frequent rock slides hazardous to passing motorists. It's still a great viewpoint.

Puntas Cavas...another great snorkeling area.

Posing at window rock formation.

Another fabulous meal—This time chicken and vegetable tamales and box of red wine while relaxing in my driftwood chair.

Heidi finds another type of chair. In this marine reserve, all waste must be carried out—no cat holes allowed and we have to pee at the water line and not on land.

After two nights, we left our Carmen Island campsite, and paddled around Danzante Island to our first campsite....

...where we met up again with the kayak guide training group near this slot in the rocks on Danzante Island.

We stopped for lunch at the next secluded beach where we snorkeled for a couple of hours before paddling around the south end of the Island.

At the south end we could see the large destination resort of Villa del Palmar in the distance which is about 30 miles from Loreto.

We came to the trail on Danzante Island, but decided not to hike. The trail was so overgrown from all of the tropical storms and hurricanes. Also, the large group of kayak tour guides was already ashore.

We returned to our Danzante Island campsite.

Antonio prepared chicken mole with rice for our last feast before returning to Loreto.
We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise as we prepared for our return and final breakfast.
We paddled into Escondido harbor which was well protected from the Hurricanes. However, upon entering we saw a few boats which had sustained severe damage. One sailboat had both masts broken off and laying on the deck. Tarps covered damaged living quarters and another boad had been tossed ashore when its anchor gave way. At least 5 boats sunk during this last hurricane Odile.

As we pulled ashore and began loading our stuff into the waiting van, a pod of dolphins passed by bidding us farewell.

Antonio treated us to a celebratory meals lunch and dinner at Sabor! Restaurant where his wife, Miriam joined us. We feasted on the stunning view of the Sea of Cortez and reminisced about our fabulous travels as the sun set behind the Gigantes mountains.

Back home to enjoy another fabulous sunset.


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