Thursday, January 22, 2015

Exploring Dumaguete on Negros Island--Jan. 2015

I spent the day in Dumaguete exploring some of the major tourist sites beginning with another visit to the waterfront walkway with its cobbled walkway and quaint lights.

After that I headed to view the church and bell tower which was completed in 1776.

Following that, I toured the public market filled with all types of things for sale ranging from fresh meat and fish, vegetables to flip flops and flowers. What an interesting assault on all of the senses as I meandered through this market.

From fish to flip-flops.

Following that I returned to the Casablanca for another Philippine meal of a pork curry with vegetables and rice.

This city is filled with expats who seem to lounge about sipping San Miguels along the waterfront Restobars. Occasionally their Filipina wives/girl friends show up to move them along back to their homes. From some of the talks I have had with these expats, the cost of living here is so much cheaper than if they were to stay at home, plus they get treated like kings by their companions. I guess it usually works out well for both parties. It is nice to see that some of the long time expats stay with their Filipina women way past their prime so it is more of a friendship bond than just a fling. Many of these guys could never attract such beautiful women back in their home countries. For the women it is a chance to get out of the grinding poverty that surrounds them. For many this has become a fair exchange.

After all my walking about, I went for an hour Swedish massage that cost just 300 pesos including the tip---about $7. Extras were offered, but declined.

Tomorrow I will take the Ceres bus north to Bacalod which will traverse the entire Negros Island.

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