Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Amazing Loreto, MX Hikes in 2015

I began leading hikes around the Loreto, MX area after Señor Ken who had led our hikes left for the La Paz area November 2014. I used the Hiking Loreto guide book to locate the trails we would try.

In November 2014 I led 5 hikes with groups ranging from just 3—-usually me and Gary and Heidi Holliday—-to up to six when others including John Filby who led the hikes after I left in late November until my return on March 12, 2015.

Here are the hikes I have done with the Loreto hiking group in 2015.

On March 12th, we drove down Shell Canyon and only spotted a few cliffs filled with seashells along with shell discards from frequent clam bakes. Since the hiking there did not look promising, the nine of us continued down to the "road" goes out to the Picazon Restaurant and beyond to the Dr. Point hike along the bluffs. Afterwards we ate at Augies since Picazon was closed.


On March 19th, 6 of us ventured up the rough Aguas Primera road to the start fo the Misterio Canyon which was suppose to be filled with pools and waterfalls according to Hiking Loreto. We only found small pools of stagnant water and a stray burro in our six mile hike up this beautiful arroyo. Del Borachos with its pitchers of Negra Modelo beer along with burgers slathered in cooked onions was a welcome treat after this arduous hike. Gary enjoyed rehydrating on a bartenders blend of lime juice, salt and water.


Finally some water!

So where are the waterfalls? I say.

Maybe next fall. Says Werner.
Gary found water, but he forgot to drink enough. Tough lesson.
My car back at the beginning of our hike which would transport us to Del Borachos.

On March 26th, 11 hikers faced the challenging Juncalito Canyon hike where an earlier group could not locate the trail after wandering around. We found the trail and the amazing pools and waterfalls, but we were tortured by the wheat chaff that would stick on our shoes and socks and then begin sticking into our skin like so many pins. OUCH! We soothed our sore feet afterward with a stop at the Clam Shack.



On April 2nd, 13 hikers headed up our favorite Pinturas arroyo and encountered many pools and waterfalls. The top pool became a refreshing swimming hole for many of us with its 10 ft. deep —-3 meters for the Canadians among us—-bottom and hard rock edges. Del Borachos stop was our reward.

On April 9th, 21 hikers headed up our most challenging canyon to date, Copper Top. It started out with a gradual rise, but quickly the boulders got bigger and bigger with a steeper ascent. Near the top it was a total scramble with use of both arms and legs to continue up There were only a few pools, but we did spot our first rattlesnake coiled up under a rock. Again the Clamshack was our refreshment spot where we were joined by other family members.

On April 16th, we set a new record the the number of hikers joining us at 25. We would again head up the rough rocky road to Aguas Primera to the old swimming pool area and hike down to Slot Canyon. Although it was our shortest hike of the season, the rope climb up the waterfall area was the most challenging. Del Borachos was our refreshment spot after this hike.



I am climbing up the Slot Canyon waterfall back in Nov. 2014.

On April 23rd, 16 hikers headed up Ligui Canyon after a 4 wheel drive up the arroyo—-we could have gone a bit further, but then the hike would have been our shortest. The arroyo was mostly dry until about a quarter mile from the entrance to the steep canyon with its running water and waterfalls. The way past the waterfall was a bit challenging for most, but two of us continued just so we could know what we would see upon our return. Clam shack again.




A bit blurry from the Pacifico cerveza.

On April 30th, 14 hikers headed up Pinturas Canyon for a second time this year. Although the water was flowing a bit less this time, the pools were still full and fresh. The pool at the top was again a refreshing swim. Del Borachos again.


On May 7th, just 6 hikers joined us to return to Juncalito Canyon. Sylvia, Guillmero, their dog Sancho, Gary and Heidi joined me in my last Spring hike. We used duct tape to cover our shoes so we would avoid having the wheat chaff irritate us. We continued up the arroyo, but veered to the right at the junction of two arroyos. This was the wrong way which we did not realize for about an hour of heading up a mostly dry river bed. Upon our return, we spotted our mistake and built a number of cairns to mark the correct arroyo. Clam shack again for my final celebration since I was leaving on May 12th.

I did not post these earlier because the Carlos Slim internet system we all use is very slow in Loreto so pictures are almost impossible to up load unless they are very small.

I am looking forward to another hiking season in Loreto beginning mid October. All you have to do is to show up at 9AM on Thursdays in front of the Agua Viva Management office along the racetrack in Loreto Bay.

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