Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Trujillo and Surf City-Huanchaco--7/2--7

This was a pleasant way to be introduced to this plaza when I came across this woman who was doing a photo shoot. She allowed me to snap a picture of her. Muy guapa!

I am stayed at the Hostel Colonial just around the corner from the Plaza de Armas which is really beautiful. Here is my view from sitting on my bed. I was hoping those bells did not ring all night. I stayed here two days, and then went to the beach area---about 15 minutes away by bus---called Huanchaco.

The following morning I was back to normal so I completed my tour of Trujillo and decided to head out to the ocean and Huanchaco---the surf capital of Peru. On Sunday, many places were closed but there seemed to be some celebrations going on. From my hotel rooftop patio I heard and saw this group march down to the church just across from me. You can see that all of the surrounding buildings have preserved their two story colonial character.

From the Plaza I headed down the Pizzaro Avenue which was a walking street. Along the way I met Billio, who was a retired Literature Professor. As we walked along this avenue, He pointed out several of the historical buildings that use to be occupied by some of the Spanish Conquistadors, governers and wealthy people of Trujillo. He told me that one of his ancestors was one of the primary officers for Pizzaro. This city was founded in 1534 and by 1820, it was the first Peruvian city to declare independence from Spain.

Billio is standing by the entrance to the Plazuela el Recreo in Trujillo just before we got on the collectivo.

Here are some of the ruins of the old city irrigation system that is protected by these clear plastic panels.

Here is one of the many collectivos that scurry about collecting and dropping off passengers throughout the area. Our half hour ride costs just 1.5 pesos ---about 50 cents.
When we arrived after about a half hour ride, we walked the beach road and Billio remarked that when he use to come here, he would meet up with many people he knew. But not today.
Billio flirted with the young girl who was picking up our finished plates by asking her if she was the pastry being offered here. They bantered a bit and we finished the meal. Our meal was just 25 pesos for both of us. I left about 3 pesos under one of my plates and as I was leaving. Billio told the young girl to hustle over to pick up the tip, before her brother got to it.

During lunch I asked him if any of his students had become writers or journalists and he said that several had and he was very proud of that.

Here is a view from my of my hammock and ocean from the Frogs Surf Hostel. They wanted 80 pesos for the double room since none of the dorms or private rooms were available. I told Victor I would take the room for 40 which would be better than not renting, and we settled on 45 per night or about $14USD. The place is very new and clean. The wifi works---mostly.

This will be a nice place to hang out for two days before I take the night bus down to Lima.

Once I got here I realized that the Amazing Race filmed a recent segment here with the contestants rowing through the surf in these reed boats the fishermen us by straddling them. It was very difficult for the contestants. I am not even thinking of trying these boats.

A fisherman's big fish catch.

Church and cemetary above Huanchaco.

Fisherman building another reed boat.

Hikers with lots of souvenirs--with their front packs and backpacks. I guess they enjoy hauling around a lot of dirty clothes compared to my 10 lbs of small pack.

Cerviche plus main course plus cola for 9 to 15 soles. Note the surfboards for rent as well. After all this is a designated Surf City by the Peru government.

Now I will heading back to Trujillo to buy my bus ticket to Lima on one of the double decker bus that will glide through the night----hopefully.

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