Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sights around Sihanoukville--February 2016

I ended up moving to the Smile Guesthouse just a block from the beachfront at just $18 per night for a clean bathroom with hot water, A/C, TV with CNN. They also had a fabulous breakfast for just $2.50 for a cheese and vegetable omelet, baguettes, with Vietnamese coffee.

One day, I walked around to all other beaches which turned out to be about a 15 mile hike. The first beach just adjacent to the private Sohka Beach Resort area that I like to call Dragon Beach for the Dragon tail statute you can see.

The next beach I came to was the Small Beach in the area of Independence Beach where I stopped for a watermelon shake. Since it was high tide, there was not too much beach to see.

On the way to the next beach, I ran into a troop of monkeys just by the Independence Hotel entrance.

From there I went to Koh Pos Beach that was very small and near the mysteriously closed finished Techo Morakoi bridge----kind of like Sarah Palin's bridge to nowhere.

It was then on to an almost abandoned Hawaii Beach near the Victory Monument that marks the Vietnamese victory over the Kymer Rouge.

Victory Monument

From there I began my return to Serendipity Beach by passing through Victory Hill and downtown.

The Golden Lion roundabout designates the beginning of the Serendipity Beach area where there are scores of cheap guesthouses, restaurants and bars that cater to the foreign backpacker and travel crowd.

Led Zypher Restaurant and entertainment.

SO Restaurant was my favorite one with early bird specials for just $5 USD for an appetizer and a main course or $6.25 if you want a dessert too.
Moroccan Chicken
Carpaccio of Swordfish appetizer

Scallop appetizer


Of all the beaches I have seen this day, the Serendipity Beach with the adjacent Ochheuteal Beach remains the best with all types of food available, entertainment and comfortable cushioned beach chairs. Draft beers for 50 to 75 cents.

Serendipity boat pier

Typical lounge chairs on the beach at sunset

Road to the Serendipity Pier

Serendipity Road looking toward the Golden Lion roundabout

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