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Loreto Winter Hikes and more---2018

Ligui Canyon--Mesquite Canyon, Baja California Sur, Mexico--February 18, 2018
Just after I returned to Loreto on Saturday, I joined up with Cecelia Fischer who was leading a hike to Ligui Canyon, locally known as Mesquite Canyon, on Sunday February 18th.  We ended up parking a bit short of the end of the 3 1/2 mile "road" along the river bed because it was no longer passable this season due to some large rocks on the roadway.

We took the trail that would take us above the canyon and give us views of the surrounding Los Gigantes.

The trail then got us down to the canyon floor where it opened up.  There was more narrow canyon heading upstream and a narrow canyon downstream.  We headed a bit downstream through a narrow water filled canyon.

This route was guaranteed to get at least your feet wet.

We thencame to a natural amphitheater carved out by a stream that flows down anytime there are tropical storms or hurricanes.

Cecilia helped the hikers navigate out of the amphitheater.

We returned along the trail that overlooks the canyon we were just in.

Biking from Loreto Bay to Loreto along the beach--February 19, 2018

Once again Cecelia Fischer led a group of us from Loreto Bay to downtown Loreto. She even arranged for a police escort in two places where we would travel a short distance on Highway 1 before returning to the dirt roads that lead us to and along the beach.  We could ride our bikes on most of the way until we came to some soft sand places and then it was off the bikes for a short walk to firmer ground.

I, Daryl, and Werner broke away from the group that returned to Loreto so we could bike to the town center where we treated ourselves to some tasty ice cream bars before returning to Loreto Bay.

Juncalito Sur--February 22, 2018

We returned to Juncalito Sur to find that the pool we normally swim in had shrunk in size and was heavily polluted with debris, algae, and swarms of bugs.  Most of us climbed up to the top pool that was still looking good, but no one swam this time because it was a bit chilly.  After snacking a bit, we headed back and enjoyed another lunch at the Clam Shack.

Cerro San Bruno--February 25, 2018

We took Jon's Outback up the dirt road a few miles north of Loreto that headed up to the communications tower until the potholes began to look like they would swallow up the car.  I joined up with Tim, John, Jon, and Bob to climb to the summit of Cerro San Bruno for a 360 degree view of the area around.

I am not a big fan of dry hiking where there is no water source, but the views from here were spectacular.

We had to scramble using hands to climb this crusty, and crumbling limestone section of the trail.  Bob took another route to the right of this area and found it an easy walk.  We returned on Bob's route.

Although hard to see from this picture, we had a great view of the airport runway, Danzante, Carmen, and Coronado Islands along with Loreto and Loreto Bay.

John, me, Bob, and Tim are enjoying the views.

The white sugar beach of Coronado Island is easy to spot from here.

Rio Del Pez Arroyo--March 1, 2018

This was the first time I hiked the Rio Del Pez Arroyo with Bob and John leading a large number of fairly inexperienced Loreto Bay Hikers.  The way up was gradual as we walked along the streamed until we came to a mostly dried up waterfall.

Previous hikers had built up a pile of rocks so it was easier to climb up the waterfall area.

Most enjoyed getting a helping hand to get up and over the waterfall.

A bit of rock hopping got us further up the canyon.

We took a snack break here by the pool before the last waterfall we came to.

Our group decided to turn around at this waterfall which would have required a long traverse around it.

On our way back, we found an easier way to get around the waterfall.  We stopped at Del Borracho's for pitchers of Negro Modelo and burgers.

Ligui Canyon--Mesquite Canyon--March 8, 2018

Our car caravan was able to drive up about 3 miles on the Ligui Canyon river bed until a tumble of rocks blocked our way.  

Like with Cecelia's earlier hike here, we headed up the trail overlooking the Mesquite Canyon and came down to this pool in the canyon where a few braved the cold, clear waters.

One of our intrepid Loreto Bay Hikers leaders, John, is navigating the narrow canyon.

Rhonda is one of our fastest hikers who fortunately had just put her cell phone in a ziplock bag before  she slipped on the slippery side of the canyon walls and got dunked.

Bob, one of our other leaders, looks a bit puzzled before continuing down the canyon.  About a half dozen hikers chose to return to the beginning on the trail rather than continuing down this water filled canyon.

Here the canyon opens up just before it narrows down to three choices for passage:

  • on the left, a firm but steep climb down using hands, feet and butts for traction, 
  • on the right a not so steep passage that also required using hands, feet and butts for traction, but some of the rocks become loose in your hands or feet, 
  • and on the center a ten foot jump into the deep pool below---I jumped!

The center jumping route that four of us did.

Last and smallest waterfall we all went down and swam through to the end of the canyon hike.

Water Pipe Wash--March 11, 2018

Jon took me to the Water Pipe Wash which was the first time on this trail for me.  We meandered up and down a lightly marked trail and finally got to a dry arroyo gravel bed.

We left the arroyo bed and headed back up to the car by climbing over this interesting lava flow.  Although the trail was named water pipe, it seems like someone removed--recycled--the water pipes.

Tres Piedras---March 13, 2018

Our core group of hikers including Bob, John, Harv, Jon wanted to take me on the Tres Piedras hike that involved a off road 1 1/2 mile drive,  a meandering trail with limb hazards and Jon found out, lots of beautiful pools that required us to swim through two of them, and a challenging technical climb to see more pools and canyons.  With all of that, this has become my favorite hike.

We found ourselves constantly ducking to avoid hitting the branches of the trees that hung over the mule trail we were on.

It was the low hanging broken off branches that got Jon.



Jon and Harv

This is our first deep pool that we had to swim through to continue on up the canyon.

I took this picture after I swam across this pool.  John is in the water and the others are preparing to go in.

As we continued up the canyon we passed several more pools

Here is the technical climb where Harv free climbed up to a chain anchor to attach a rope which gave the rest of us some comfort as we climbed the face of this wall.

Just after the climb, we had to swim again through this part of the canyon.

Lunch under a big fig tree by the river.

Jon, John, Harv, and I are drying out as we are returning to the car and a stop at the Clam Shack for food and refreshments.

Pinturas Arroyo--March 15, 2018

For most of the Loreto Bay Hikers, this was their first hike with us and some had never hiked before. Fortunately if people got tired or did not want to go further, they could stop at any one of the four pools and other cascades. 

At this balancing rock by the cascading pool, some of the hikers headed up the upper trail while the rest of us struggled through boulders and bamboo that had overgrown the normal way up the river valley.  They later rejoined us by dropping down at the south end of the pool we were swimming in.

We enjoyed a refreshing swim after struggling through the overgrown bamboo.

Mark was so excited with this deep pool that he did a back flip into the water coming within 2 feet of hitting the rocks on the side.

As we headed back down, most of us were focused on how tasty the draft Modelo Negro beer would taste along with a Del Borracho burger.

Emerald City Hike--March 22, 2018

This was my last hike before returning home in the Seattle area.  We 

After taking this picture of the others descending this wall, I took my last pool swim under the waterfall.

Geraniums hanging to the waterfall wall.

In addition to these wonderful hiking opportunities, Loreto Bay has offered owners and visitors lots of dining and entertainment.  Here is Steve Hopcraft entertaining us at the Wine Bar.

Here is Herzon performing at Pepeginas.

And a dance performance by a local dance group followed by Pedro on the guitar.

Los Beach Dogs performances are a regular feature of Loreto Bay activities.  Here they are performing at Palapa A.

Our house closing was scheduled for March 15th, but the buyers wanted to move it up to March 1st so I was planning to stay in downtown Loreto.  Instead my real estate agent, Nellie Hutchison, offered to have me stay at her penthouse in the Posada Norte.  How could I refuse.  During the first week another couple, Ian and Brenda, from Lac La Bich, Canada joined me.  After that I invited owners I had hiked with or worked with over the years to join me for a party.  What a wonderful way to cap off my stay in Loreto.

Party time!

Sunrise over Nopolo Rock

The following week my neighbors, Betty and Werner invited me, my buyers, Jean Robert and Florence, and Emily and Frank for a fish feast on the yellowtail that Werner had caught that day.  It was good to get together with them. I have enjoyed having them as neighbors to experience all of the challenges and joys of creating this community after Citicorp abandoned us.  From left to right:  Frank, Emily, Betty, Werner, Jean Robert, and Florence.  Note the beautiful quilt that Betty had made.  Over the years she has shared her expertise with the kids at the Internado--a hostel for the kids from the fishing and ranch camps who stay in town during the week days.

Sunrise above 14th tee--Loreto Bay

Sunset over the Sierra Los Gigantes from AV200 casa.  A beautiful end to a wonderful experience as an owner in Loreto Bay.

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