Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to upload pictures

I could not figure out how to upload my pictures in my iPad to my blog so I googled the question and discovered that you could not do it directly by dragging, dropping, or copy/pasting. Instead you had to upload your pictures to Picasa or Flickr. While doing this research, I continued to read about an app called "Blogsy" that helped bloggers with improved ways of setting up your blog, especially with being able to easily insert your pictures through your narratives. Yesterday I installed the "Blogsy" app into my iPad and have been reading the instructions and watching their videos.It all looks very easy, but I first needed to upload some pictures to Picasa. But before I did that, I emailed "Blogsy" company to see if instead, they got a fix to avoid uploading my photos to Picasa. I got an answer from Lance Barton, the CEO, within 10 minutes. He said that I understood correctly that they now cannot do it, but if they can figure out how, they will make that change. Great customer service. Now on to experiment by adding some pictures an perhaps a video.
I just got this first picture imported and even moved it to the left margin. I am in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia at a rice terrace world heritage site. when you enter Hindu temples, as a sign of respect you wear a sarong and sash.
Now I am posting picture to the right. The public art is in Valaparaiso,

Here is a video from my travels to Bolivia during the last revolt in April/May 2005.
That's all for now.


Pacific Crest Trail Near Kendell Kat Walk, August 2011.

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