Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Start

This is the first time I have created a blog. I am using the Google Blogger system since the price is right--free. I plan to use it to chronicle my upcoming trip to Brazil from April 11th to May 26th. In previous travels I used a small notebook to journal my activities, keep track of expenses and make various notes to myself. I also sent off emails to my family back home which then ended up forwarding to others.
In my last trip to Japan, Bali, and Thailand I took my new iPad2 and got familiar with some of its features, especially the ability to easily email off short video clips and photos along with my email.
For this trip, I was planning to journal into my iPad, but then I thought I might as well try out the blogger systems that I have read about during the time I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, plus seeing other blogs like the French guy who went around the world in his Land cruiser or the couple who first drove their VW camper van from the US down through Central and South America and on through Africa. They also followed it up with a bicycle ride through Asia where I recently met them at Suk 11 hostel in Bangkok.
Before I leave the US, I want to test out how to do this so this is why I am doing this entry. I will also try it using my iPad2 to figure out how to upload my pictures and videos to this blog. So the learning begins.

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  1. It will be both informative and fun to see how you experience the delights of Brazilian culture. Be sure to find some of their great music venues and learn how to do some drumming. The music as well as the food, especially feijoada--it's got to be the best stew in the world--try it and you'll come back for more and more.