Monday, March 17, 2014

Oasis Primera Aguas Going Up River--2014

The city of Loreto had built this swimming pool for the locals to enjoy, but successive hurricanes and tropical storms washed away this beautiful retreat. All that was left were some walls painted blue, entrance building and a changing room.

John and Werner are standing by the entrance building that has been ravaged by the frequent hurricanes and tropical storms.

Once we got to the swimming pool, we decided to head north along the creek
Here is all that is left of the swimming pool. Blue paint defines where the pool was and there are pipes that run down to this pool. We continued up the creek which crossed lots of bedrock with occasional exits to rancheros.

This year we have lots of water continuing to flow down to the Sea of Cortez.

Check out this tree just hanging at the top of this mound. It is hard to believe that these trees can endure in this harsh climate.

Bedrock keeps this creek flowing down toward the Sea of Cortez.

As we keep hiking up about two miles from the swimming pool, we continue to be amazed by the amount of flow we see in this creek.

You can look to the side of the canyon to see where the high water mark was, but here in the center of the creek, you can see where the water has blasted out the palm trees. It is amazing to see the power of the water here.

Here we have John and Werner making their way back to the pool area and the stairs back to where we parked our car after a five mle hike.

We stopped at Del Borachos for a lunch of burgers and ice cold dark beer. How refreshing!

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