Sunday, June 29, 2014

Free of the Chinese Great Internet Firewall--6/24

Finally I am free of the Chinese Great Internet Firewall. Among the websites I could not use while in China were all of the Google products which prevented me from:

  • updating and posting my blog to the internet
  • uploading videos to Youtube
  • using the Google translator for communicating with Chinese who did not know English
  • accessing some of my financial websites in certain places
  • accessing other blogs of travelers I have met along the way.

Local Chinese say they get around this by creating an anoymous internet location and is only worth doing if you are living here.

I will now resuming posting of my blog entries beginning with my travels through Mongolia. I will release a couple of them a day until I catch up.

One thing I did not mention earlier about my application for a China Visa, was that I could not get the ABriggs visa fixers to process my China Visa application because I could not get confirmed train reservations to document my entry and exit from China. I could not get them because China only makes confirmed train reservations just 20 days before the departure date. To work around this problem, I went to the Delta Air website and "bought" an airline ticket that covered my China travel days, printed it out and then promptly cancelled the reservation. I then provided ABriggs with this "confirmed" travel reservation, and a few days later I received my US Passport complete with the China Visa.

This trip has been the most difficult to arrange because of all of the documentation you need to provide both Russia and China. Because of all of the adjustments you will discover the mistake I made that caused me to "relax" in Pingxiang for three days before proceeding to Vietnam.



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