Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hunt for Wild Horses and Return to UB--6/11

After an early breakfast of bread, jam and coffee or tea, we headed back toward UB with a stop to see real wild horses at the Khustani National Park. We again experienced lots of off road driving with lots of dust that fell down our windows like a heavy snowfall.


In the search for the wild horses we first saw antelope, marmots, pica, and golden eagles.

Our guide then spotted a herd of wild horses on the next hill so we stopped the van and began hiking to get closer to the herd. It looked like there were two colts and a total of 13 horses. You could easily spot the stallion because he stood a bit away from the herd like a guardian.

We got as close as we could before our park guide told us we could get no closer. These horses are genetically a precursor of the domestic horses including the wild domestic horses found in the US, especially in the Nevada and Virginia areas.

After returning to UB, we headed out to the Kirov square and then to the top of the highest sky scraper in UB--the Blue Sky. At the government building in the square, Genghis Khan guards over the square.

Opera and Ballet House.
As the sun begins to set, we get a view down along Peace Avenue from the square at the top of the Blue Sky Hotel.


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