Monday, May 14, 2012

Cruising the Amazon--day 7---May 14th

This is my last day on the Melio Correa as I savor the small buttered roll and coffee.

I haven't seen very many good sunrises, and this is the last one while on the boat.

We should arrive around noon, about 15 hours behind schedule.

As we come into Manaus, everybody is packing up their hammocks and personal items.

Here is where the mixing of the waters occurs where the coffee latte Amazon runs parallel with the Rio Negro which reminds me of black coffee and has less sediment. The wavy black and white walkways in Rio area symbolizes the meeting of the waters.

Here is the industrial portion of Manaus.

I finally have arrived in Manaus as I leave behind the Melio Correa.

This journey was a once in a life time adventure, not to be repeated. The scenery did not vary all that much for the seven days. Since this was primarily a cargo ship, you get treated kind of like Amtrak customers do. This boat requires the crew to be certified by the Brazil Merchant after a whole series of sinkings of similar boats with loss of life and property. The purpose of the training is to have better trained crews for handling possible disasters including proper loading of the cargo including weight limits and life saving rescue techniques.


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