Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Recife

Another short bus ride got me to Marco Zero and the Old Recife. here again were colorful, ornate buildings, lots of churches and a synagogue Museum along with many street market vendors who were selling mostly clothing.

The Capela Dourada Church is a good example of the Brazilian baroque style begun here in1697. Lost of shopping stalls ring the building as it fronts on the Praca Republica Plaza.

The Sinagoga Kahal Zurich Isreal Synagogue was the first in the Americas which opened during the time of the Dutch Rule between 1630-54. The Jews who migrated here were refugees from religious persecution in Portugal who had found sanctuary in the more tolerant Holland. It is now a museum that contains lots of relics from the past and some of the narrative is translated into English. Below is a picture of a reconstructed temple.

Another baroque building in the Praca Republica Plaza

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