Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Day Late, But Delta Comes Through

A Day Late at the Gate, but Delta Comes Through

Ever have one of those days where everything is going right. I got to the transit tunnel just as the light rail to the airport arrives to whisk me to the SEA airport. My Global pass gets me to the head of the security line. At the Delta gate I find out I can get priority boarding with my Gold DELTA/AMEX card. and then it happens. The agent at the gate said I needed to check back at the counter.

When I met with the agent, she said that my flight time and number was OK, but that my plane left the day before on May 2nd and not today which was May 3rd. I was dumbstruck, I just kept looking at my boarding pass to figure out why I had been so mistaken. I remembered that I thought it was odd that I was able to get my Delta boarding pass more than 24 hours before flight time where I never could with my frequent Alaska flights to and from Mexico. I now realized why.

Zombie like, I followed the ticket agent to a phone where she said I could plead my case. I realized that on the boarding pass I had been looking at the May 3rd arrival date in Japan and not the departure date in SEA. I blathered on to this voice on the phone, and she asked if the plane was still boarding. The line was well over a block long with passengers who did not have priority privileges like I had earlier had. She said, OK and then talked to the agent with me, and I got new boarding passes and joyfully stood in the block long line. The agent with me, said that did not usually turn out that well with customers in similar situations.

Just think, if I had not gone for the priority boarding, I may not have had time to have Delta make this change for me. The plane would have filled up and be gone, before any adjustment could have been made.

In Asia, they would say that this is not an auspicious start to a two month journey through SE Asia.


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