Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hot, Hot--Rain, Rain Bangkok

With cheap travelers like me when landing at Bangkok near midnight, will the Rapid Rail into Bangkok still be running, or will I have to pay for a 400-600 baht taxi ride into town. Our plane from Narita arrived at 11:18pm and I was through Immigration and customs in time to get the last Rapid Rail into town. unfortunately all Rapid Rail and Sky trains stop at midnight, so I got off on the Makasan stop and quickly flagged down a cab that got me to my hotel just as the sky opened up and there were flash floods in the streets. the total cost for both Rapid Rail and taxi was just 80 baht---Thai bahts are around 30 to the dollar.

The following morning it poured again for two hours and then the skies opened up. The Sunday market was always a draw for me, and I wandered up and down the aisles looking at everything. when I came to the animal area, I wasn't sure if the animals were for pets or food. At least they did not have the restaurants near there.

I usually return here using my final days to load up on stuff I want to take home with me so I do not end up schlepping it about during my travels.

You can even find stuff here from other Asian countries as well.

It is so hot here with some days into the 100s even when there has been an early morning or late evening downpour that fill the streets with running water.

I find myself taking about three showers a day when returning from touring.


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