Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Delate Creek to Deep Lake on PCT

On September 30th, just as dawn approached I quickly got back into my clammy and cold rain pants and jacket while it continued to rain. As I packed up my soggy tent, I realized that the extra water was adding a few more pounds to pack weight. From Delate Creek I began my hike toward Watpus Lake. On the way down it was apparent that a lot of trail work had been done clearing back the undergrowth from the trail. It seemed like it took forever to get down to the lake in the rain and clouds.


Once at Waptus Creek, the PCT runs along the east side of Waptus Lake, but during the mile or so along the lake you can not see the lake and only the trails that lead down to the lake. At Spinola Creek the PCT takes a sharp left up to Deep Lake. Again Spinola Creek is far below the trail. On the way up, I continue to slow down to eat the fat, lucious blueberries and huckleberries that invite you to eat them. The rain continues and washes off some of the red berry stains as I continue up to my night destination at Deep Lake some 20 miles from Delate Creek.

I arrived at the south end of Deep Lake and immediately spotted the Washington Trails Association panniers I knew were loaded with gourmet treats for the week for our work party. In the rain, I set up my tent near the WTA camp. The Forest Service must have brought in the panniers and tools in advance of our work this week.

I was tempted to crack open one of the panniers containing some delicious food, but instead I heated up some water and had my couscous with bacon bits for dinner along with hot chocolate. The big tree grove cut down the rainfall as I set up my tent and headed for bed.


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