Monday, December 16, 2013

Return to Pacific Crest Trail--Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass

This summer I combined a hike from Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass which is Section J of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) with a one week work party with the Washington Trails Association (WTA) at Deep Lake.

Last year I hiked this section with my brother, Jim, and some of the pictures in this blog are from that trip since this year it rained during much of my hike and work party time. This section is about 75 miles of beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers and waterfalls, but the trail is difficult with elevation gains and losses and filled with roots, rocks and slippery mud.

I started off my hike in my rain pants and jacket since it was raining so hard and the undergrowth had captured water which would have quickly soaked my pants. Within an hour of hiking my feet were wet from the water on the trail side bushes and water running down the trail.

It was a steady uphill climb to the Kendall Katwalk which was blasted out of the mountains and horsemen are required to dismount as they walk across the knife edged trail.
In 2012, we camped just past the Katwalk near Ridge and Gravel Lakes.

This year I continued on in the rain where I ended up staying at Delate Creek just past the log crossing. Here is a picture from last year of Jim crossing the fallen log across Delate Creek. I was able to hike about 22 miles in constant rain and clouds before it started to get dark. I was surrounded by about three other hikers who had already climbed into their tents for a drier sleep. My tent worked well in keeping out the rain except when I brushed against the wall of my tent that was loaded with condensation. It was good to get warm and dry inside my tent as the rain fell all night.

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