Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meet up with WTA Work Party

Woke up on the 31st to some clearing weather and no rain. I had a quick breakfast of milk and granola cereal and then headed up 3 miles to Cathedral Rock where I would find trail 1345 that would head down 5 miles to the meeting point for our WTA work party at 10 AM. I had no cell reception along the way where If I could I would have called Kathy, our WTA Crew Leader and told her I would meet her at the Deep Lake campsite. It was a good thing I liked to hike.

About half way down the 1345 trail, I met a hiker who was resting his pack on a rock while studying his map at a trail divide. He said he was heading up to Deep Lake. I wished him well and continued down to met up with the WTA work party.

I arrived at the trailhead as the other members of our WTA work party continued to arrive between 10AM and 10:15AM. Our crew leader, Kathy, was my crew leader--Blue Hat--on my WTA work party last year at White River. She was joined by other interns, Ben and Dan, and WTA supervisor volunteer, Liz K--Orange Hat--along with other volunteers, Vivian, Leon and me---green Hat. We waited until 11 am for our last volunteer, Terry, but he was a no show. So we headed back to Deep Lake without knowing where Terry was.

When we finally got back to the WTA camp at Deep Lake, we found the missing Terry. He was the guy I met on my way down to meet up with the WTA work party. What a surprise and one that would identify a problem that WTA needed to address as you will soon learn.

Liz is preparing our dinner under the kitchen cover from the rain and bugs where we are using the panniers as our storage cabinets and counter tops.

We wisely put our cook stove outside the kitchen and put up a tarp to have a dry place to rest and have meals.

Here Vivian, Ben and Kathy model their rain gear and bug protection before heading out for trail work.

Vivian, Terry and Leon are selecting their lunch choices---lots of gourmet choices.


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