Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fifth Work Day--WTA Deep Lake

Will the rain ever go away? This morning we quickly got to the kitchen area where we were able to stay dry while having our breakfast and preparing our lunches.

The weather then started to clear as the rain diminished.

Our last work today will be to haul more sandy dirt to the two turnpikes that we have filled with large, medium and small rocks.

It is back to the dirt pit where Kathy is digging out the sandy dirt and Leon is waiting for her to fill up his bag.

Here is the completed 1st turnpike with mounded sandy dirt that the winter's snows will weight down. The log that we sawed is now in two parts, one has been rolled away to the left and the remaining log is now off the trail.

Here is the 2nd finished turnpike with culvert ready for PCT hikers and horsemen.

You can see that ground water has already reached the new culvert on the 2nd turnpike. The dirt has been mounded which the winter snows weight will pack down the trail.

Dan, Liz, Kathy, Leon, Ben, and Terry are standing on the 2nd turnpike that we finished. Notice the culvert that we installed that will allow the water to flow past the trail without getting it soggy.

After celebrating our completion of these two turnpikes, we returned to our camp to cook up our final meal. We had some toasted cheese and meat sandwiches with cream broccoli soup. While we were finishing up our dinner, we had a few thru hikers come through that we fed.

One of the thru hikers with a trail name of JOAT-joker of all trades--stopped by after we had given out all of our sandwiches so he had 8 cups of cream of brocoli soup. On his postholer website, he claims he only had three servings, but we know better. Check it out: Joat - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2013


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