Friday, December 20, 2013

Fourth WTA Work Day--2013

After a day off, we all gathered for another fabulous hamburger dinner with cole slaw and chocolate toffee desert treats. After we bedded down for the night, the sky exploded in a huge lightening show that circled our valley. The thunder from the lightening reveberated around our valley so I could never figure out what was the original lightening strike and what was the echo. I was hoping that the tree I was camped under was not the highest in the area. Counts from the lightening to the thunder was never more than 3 seconds. The lightening made my tent look transparent. This continued on for several hours as the thunder marched on east until it was just a dull rumble. If that was not enough, the rains began as a downpour. The volume of rain that fell was unbelieveable. During the night, I saw that Ben had relocated to our tent kitchen. It turned out that his tent area had become a swimming pool with the torrential rains so he relocated for the rest of the night.
As we got up from this torrential downpour, it was still gently raining so we all got into our rain gear for the fourth work day. One of our first tasks was to place our stringers on the two turnpikes.

We now were able to begin completing the 2nd turnpike with the culvert, but it was a lot of muddy grubby work we had to do to make room for the culvert and pack the turnpike with rocks followed by sandy dirt.

Liz and I are sawing through the lower stringer so the culvert can be installed. This is some tough, muddy, and grubby work that will never be seen when everything is done.

We now have installed the culvert which will move the water from one side of the PCT trail to the lower side without mushing up the trail.

Now that we have finished all of the culvert and rock work it is now on to hauling the sandy dirt from our forest sand pit to the turnpikes. Here we have Ben resting, Kathy is digging more sandy dirt and Terry is hauling away the dirt to our nearby turnpikes.

I am using a bag for hauling the sandy dirt. Check out how deep the hole is and how many trips we had to take to fill up the two turnpikes.

Today it seems like we will never be able to haul enough dirt to finish up these two turnpikes, but by the end of the day it looks like we have finished up the first turnpike.

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